SEE VISIONS 2010: EXPRESS EUROPE THROUGH YOUR EYES – call for applications, deadline 7 march!!!


SARAJEVO 28.3.2010.



In an effort to contribute to the reform process in South Eastern Europe, the TRANSFUSE Association and the College of Europe have jointly launched the Leadership Development Programme for young people from the region, as well as broader Europe who aspire to play an active role in the future of their countries (please see

A team of individuals, who are taking part in the 2009-2010 programme, from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Moldova and Serbia are launching the 2nd “Annual competition Express Europe through your Eyes 2010″ for young individuals of South East Europe and Turkey. The topic of this year’s competition is: “European Culture and Values”.

The main goal of the competition is to provide space for young people from the region to express their views on the EU through different art forms, but also to gain information and knowledge about the EU.


The Contest is open to all mediums of art.

Please submit the image or the link to your work on or by e-mail:

You are allowed to submit an unlimited number of works.

If your work contains any text, please provide an English translation.

Once you have decided to apply, please fill in the application form for more details.

You can ask the application form on the email


Young individuals from South East Europe and Turkey can compete with their creative work. The contest is open to young people aged ages 18-30 from: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey.


The deadline for applying is 7.3.2010.

Upon receiving the material the project team will carefully evaluate the work and make final decision. The shortlisted candidates will be asked to mail their works to Bosnia-Herzegovina in order to present them at the exhibition, shortly after the deadline. The works will be presented at the exhibition in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina on 28th of March 2010, where we will announce three winners.

The best work will receive an award of 300 Euros. The second place will receive 200 Euros, and the third place will receive 100 Euros. However everyone is a winner as all the creative materials will be exhibited exposed online or shown during the exhibition that will take place in “Novi Hram” Gallery in center of Sarajevo.

Find us on FACEBOOK GROUPS with the name SEE VISIONS and join our enthusiasm in sharing our visions of European Culture and Values!

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